$45 Dermosonic Subdermal Cellulite Treatment
and $149 Ten-Day Detox Program



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What We Love

  • Get smoother, tighter skin
  • Reduce cellulite and dimpling
  • Feel less bloated, have more energy, and lose weight in 10 days

Need to Know

  • Valid for 185 days
  • Limit 1 of each per client
  • Tip not included
  • Loot may be returned within 24 hours of purchase

About The Loot:

Remember the first time you figured out how to retouch your photos in Photoshop? A few choice edits, and it looked like you never even had that three-month Nutella addiction.

Sadly, there's no Photoshop for real life, but today's Loot is pretty close. We're offering a 45-minute Dermosonic Subdermal Therapy cellulite treatment for $45 (reg. $125) at First Choice Medical Associates.

The process is easy: A therapist covers your body (thighs, butt, stomach, arms) in a clear gel before an ultrasound lightly heats and softens your fat. The fat is broken up by your body and naturally flushed out. Then the therapist runs a gentle tool over your skin, "vacuuming" the cellulite and stretching out dimples to smooth and tighten.

We're also offering a ten-day detox program for $149 (reg. $350). First, you'll chat about your diet and daily routine, then undergo a thorough body analysis to measure your muscle, fat, and metabolic makeup. Next, you'll receive healthy food recommendations and a supply of Metagenics nutritional supplements to clear your body of toxins. Phone support is available throughout, and you'll have a second consultation to measure your results.

Grab this Loot now and ditch the special effects.

Reviews for First Choice Medical:

From Lifebooker:

"great experience. friendly technician."

"My second experience was amazing and even with one session for each leg I can already see results."

"I have had one treatment so far. I know it will take a few sessions to see results but I am very happy I got this loot. They were able to accommodate my crazy work schedule which is a HUGE plus. Friendly staff and clean facility!"

Testimonials from Clients:

"It feels great, I couldn't ask for better results."

"i took a chance and brought my mom to see dr. melkumian and i must say it was the best decision i have made.. my mom could not be happier with the results.. thank u dr melkumian you truly are one of the best"

"Harmony medical group is like a gift from heaven.. a friend of mine told me about Harmony Medical group and now i look great and feel great ..You would be a fool to go anywhere else.."

"Such great office, with good costumer service. Very friendly carrying & the most amazing part about it is they do such great work. I recomend every one to Dr. Melkumian."

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First Choice Medical
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First Choice Medical Associates
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Select the Quantity for the Loot You'd Like to Buy:

  • Discount: 64% off
  • Regularly: $125
  • Savings: $80
Dermosonic Cellulite Treatment:
Smooth out cellulite and tighten your bod with a 45-minute session.

  • Discount: 57% off
  • Regularly: $350
  • Savings: $201
10-Day Detox Program:
Get a ten-day detox plan to help you lose weight and cleanse your system. Includes a consultation, body analysis, nutritional supplements, food recommendations, and follow-up appointment.